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We have been an American brand presented on the market for 15 years. We have created it with passion for skateboarding. However, Rebel Skate are not ordinary products which we can find many in the other stores. With happinnes and also we are not hiding, it is with great pride to say that our brand are culture and lifestyle. We have created it for extraordinary people who want to positively stand out from others. Rebel Skate will allow you to express yourself. Our idea was, is and will be also desire to promote a healthy lifestyle among the young people and no only, in spite of dominant trends. we want to “infect” other people with our positive energy, break away from computers and show that there is nothing better than outdoor activities. Join to the positively crazy people.

Express yourself and be cool with us. Choose Your favourite color and show Your  lifestyle. What are You waiting for?

Spend time actively with Your friends.

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We are constantly improving quality of our products, each of them meets the rigorous standards of quality and safety. We are open also for your suggestions, what we do, we do just for you.
Fishboard is a plastic skateboard. The real “bum” for these plastic skateboards began in the 80’s, everyone who grew up in those days remember that it was an object of common desire among the kids.
After many years fishboards become popular again, on the streets we can notice tens of young with these inconspicuous boards, which arouse positive emotions among the people. This what fishboard marked are: small size, convenience. Perfect alternative for other means of transport in traffic cities. It is also great way to spend time with your crew!
Fast, nimble, handy,-this is how in brief are our scooters. If we add to this modern, durable and nature – we will receive Rebel Skate.